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  1. Drug_task
  2. Report Drug Activity and Drug Trafficking in your neighborhood 24 hours a day by filling out the below form. If the information is time sensitive please call the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at 937-592-5731

     When filling out the form, please provide as much detail as you can about date, time, locations, descriptions or names of individuals involved, and details of the incident. If there are vehicles involved, a license plate and description of the vehicle (s) would be very useful.

     Please consider speaking with one of our officers to assist in the investigation process. If you are willing to help in this way, fill out your contact information below. If you are not interested in speaking with an officer, your submission remains anonymous, there is no way to trace the sender of the information. If you would rather talk with someone on the phone, call 937-592-5731.

     Thank you for your assistance in keeping our community safe. 

  3. Did you witness the activity/ crime?
  4. Optional: If you are willing to allow a Logan County Sheriff Office to contact you, please provide your contact information. Otherwise this form will be completely anonymous.
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