Logan SWCD/Logan Co Farm Bureau Customer Appreciation Day, Sept 30, 2020

A Look Back at Logan SWCD/Logan Co Farm Bureau's September 30, 2020 Customer Appreciation Day

Thank you to all those hearty souls who weathered the cool, damp, windy day to participate in Logan SWCD and Logan County Farm Bureau's Customer Appreciation Day on September 30, 2020.  We were so pleased for those who joined us for a cookout lunch, fellowship, the business of conducting our annual election and other business matters.  We altered our plans this year in response to the Board's concern for the health and welfare of our participants in regard to Covid-19.  

Frank Phelps and Joe Ramsey were re-elected to Logan Soil and Water Conservation District's Board of Supervisors.  Special thanks to Jamie Rice for participating in the election process.  4S Farms was recognized as the Conservation Farm Family of the Year.  Steve Schlumbohm, Micah Schlumbohm, Chris Schlumbohm and Dave Strayer are the owners/operators of 4S Farms. They farm approximately 2700 acres, 70% of which is planted to cover crops.   Cover crops are instrumental in promoting soil health and fertility, reducing weed pressure and decreased chemical costs.  Additional benefits of cover crops include reduced field runoff and improved water quality.  4S Farms takes the "long view" on farming - preserving and improving cropland productivity and profitability.  Being good stewards, embracing new ideas and technology and applying best management practices is the backbone of their farm plan. They plan to leave a successful farming legacy to their next generation of family farmers.   Congratulates to 4S Farms on the Conservation Farm Family of the Year award.  Logan SWCD Board of Supervisors also recognized Steve Searson, District Administrator/Technician for his 30 years of service to the District.  Steve is vital to the District in the performance of his duties including engineering design and implementation, pollution abatement investigations, plat reviews, pond site soils suitability assessments, best management practice recommendations, and countless hours of field work overseeing "conservation on the land." His education, experience, commitment and farm boy common sense serve the District well.  Logan County has benefitted from his service.  We are proud and grateful to Steve.

The District Board of Supervisors and staff wish good health, success and happiness to Logan County's residents, property owners, visitors and all others.  We are honored to serve Logan County and remain hopeful that together we can address life's challenges.