Conservation Client Gateway

Conservation Client Gateway is USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Services'  secure online web application that gives landowners and land managers, operating as individuals, the ability to:  

  •  request technical assistance
  •  apply for financial assistance through the Farm Bill's conservation programs
  •  review, sign and submit conservation plans and other documents
  •  document completed practices and request practice certification
  •  request and track payments for completed contract items
  •  store and retrieve conservation files, including documents and photographs

Conservation Client Gateway is available to agricultural producers.  In the future, it will be available to business entities and on mobile devices.  Using Conservation Client Gateway isn't required. You are free to continue working with NRCS as you always have.  Now, you simply have more options.  You can drive to or call the field office for assistance, or log onto the Conservation Client Gateway.  Choose what is most convenient for you.

Conservation Client Gateway provides users the flexibility to determine when they want to engage with NRCS online and when they prefer in-person conservation planning assistance.  The website provides 4 videos of farmers who are now using Conservation Client Gateway.  Visit the following link to connect to Conservation Client Gateway.  Step by step instructions are available online.  If you need additional help, personal assistance is available at (970) 372-4200.