Reporting Concerns

Please call 937-599-7290 to make a report regarding child abuse or neglect.

When should a report be made?

It is better to make a report and let Children’s Services evaluate the risk a child is in than to let the abuse go unreported. Reports should be made when abuse is first suspected and all reports are taken seriously. Our agency is obligated to keep the name or identity of a reporter confidential throughout the investigative process. Reports are investigated by workers who are trained to investigate and evaluate if abuse or neglect has occurred, and then take appropriate measures if abuse or neglect is substantiated, to protect the child. If abuse or neglect is substantiated, counseling and parent support can be ordered in addition to removing the child from the home, when necessary, and placing the child with a relative/friend or foster provider while parents work a plan toward reunification.

Helpful information to have available when making a report:

Names of all person living in the home, if known

Family’s address and phone number

Which child is the alleged child victim, if known

Date of birth/age of alleged child victim if known

Schools the children attend, if known

A summary of what suspected abuse or neglect has occurred

Mandated Reporters:
Ohio law requires some individuals to report concerns of child abuse, neglect and dependency to Miami County Children’s Services Board. These individuals include, but are not limited to: attorneys, law enforcement, medical/health care professionals, and school/day care personnel.
Who are the mandated reporters required by law to report alleged abuse and neglect? 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Attorneys  
  • Physicians
  • Hospital intern/resident 
  • Health care professionals
  • Dentists  
  • Licensed psychologists 
  • Speech pathologists or audiologists 
  • Administrator or employee of daycare center
  • Employee of public/private children services agencies
  • Schools
  • Employee or authority
  • Social worker 
  • Persons rendering spiritual treatment acting in an official/professional capacity