County Treasurer's Requirements

Educational Requirements
The 1st thing that needs to be addressed is the desire of the treasurers to require minimum requirements to run for the office of County Treasurer. If minimum requirements are desired, consideration must be made as to how this would affect current office holders. Assurances can be achieved for current treasurers if the minimum requirements are written in such a matter that their previous time as treasurer credits toward these requirements.

Suggested Minimum Requirements
Candidate must have at least 4 years experience in finance or accounting in either governmental or private sector. A Bachelor of Science degree or Associate degree at an accredited college or university may be substituted for the experience state herein.

Note: Anyone with 4 years experience with a financial institution; comptroller or accountant with private company could qualify.

Anyone with 4 years at a state agency or local government in finance or accounting could qualify. (Assistant Auditor of State, City Auditor, County Treasurer, City Finance Officer, Village or Township Clerk or any similar position).

Continuous Education Requirements
Suggested number of education hours would be at least 16 hours per year. To accomplish this, the association could consider having a pre-conference workshop at the summer and winter convention. This workshop could be sponsored by the associations or in joint sponsorship with the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

If treasurers cannot attend the pre-conference workshops, they could obtain credit by attending workshops conducted by:
Attendance at these workshops would require prior approval and certification from these organizations.

Certification & Record Keeping
To add to creditability for the continuous education requirements, it is suggested that an organization other than the Treasurers Association maintain the record keeping and certification of education credits. With this in mind, an organization such as the Ohio GFOA would be an excellent association for this.

The Continuing Education Committee has been working for some time on the issues of minimum requirements for holding the office of County Treasurer, and mandatory continuing education for those elected to the office of County Treasurer.

No final proposal has been agreed to, but the committee has agreed upon the following principles and wants input from the 4 regions on what shape a proposal should take. Any final proposal must meet the following requirements:
  • No incumbent treasurer shall be prevented from running for re-election by any minimum requirement for holding the office
  • Minimum requirements for running for the office of County Treasurer shall not be so stringent as to deter candidates in smaller counties from running for the office
  • Continuing education requirements shall not be so extensive as to prevent treasurers in counties which may be experiencing budget problems from fulfilling the requirements
  • No requirements for either qualification for office or continuing education shall take effect until the term following the 1996 election