Logan County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Andrew J. Smith
284 County Road 32 S Bellefontaine, OH 43311 (937) 592-5731


Allen Township Fire
Responds to Zane Township in Logan County
Allen Center Road
Marysville, OH 43040
Chief: Rod Goddard
Station: 937-642-5536

Richland Township Fire
Responds to Richland Townships and areas in Southern Hardin County.
102 East Buckeye St.
Belle Center, OH 43310
Station: 937-464-5233
Chief: Ron Smith
Assistant Chief/EMS Coordinator: Dave Johns

Bellefontaine Fire/EMS
Responds to City of Bellefontaine, Lake & Harrison Townships
135 North Detroit
Bellefontaine, OH 43311
Station: 937-599-6168
Chief: Andy Fissel

Bokescreek Fire/EMS
Responds to Bokescreek Township & parts of Union County.
150 West State St.
West Mansfield, OH 43358
Station: 937-355-5972
Chief: Don Detrick

Degraff Fire
Responds to parts of Miami, Pleasant & Union Townships.
117 South Main St.
Degraff, OH 43318
Station: 937-585-6632
Chief: David (Buck) Reames

Huntsville Fire/EMS
Responds to McArthur Township.
6750 Wishart St.
Huntsville, OH 43324
Station: 937-686-3482
Chief: Tim Jenkins
Squad Chief: Rodger Rude

Indian Lake EMS
Responds to Stokes & Northern Washington Townships.
301 North Oak St.
Lakeview, OH 43331
Station: 937-843-3000
Chief: Joanna Pittenger

Lakeview Fire
Responds to Stokes, and portions of Bloomfield Townships.
130 North Main St.
Lakeview, OH 43331
Station: 937-843-5755
Chief: Norm Spring

Perry Township Fire/EMS
Responds to Perry Township
3266 State St.
East Liberty, OH 43319
Station: 937-666-4404
Chief: Keith Montgomery
Squad Chief: Dave Cook

Quincy Fire/EMS
Responds to Miami, Pleasant & Bloomfield Townships.
119 Main St.
Quincy, OH 43343
Station: 937-585-3461
Chief: Randy Kean
Squad Chief: John Shultz

Ridgeway Fire
Responds to the Village of Ridgeway
133 Main St.
Ridgeway, OH 43345
Station: 937-363-2345
Chief: Jim Newland

Rushcreek Fire/EMS
Responds to Rushcreek Township.
108 South Sandusky St.
Rushsylvania, OH 43347
Station: 937-468-2740
Chief: Duane Vanbuskirk
Squad Chief: Deb Roberts

Indian Lake Joint Fire Dist. (Russells Point Fire)
Responds to Washington Townships.
320 Orchard Island Road
Russells Point, OH 43348
Station: 937-843-2188
Chief: Mark Gibson

West Liberty Fire
Responds to Liberty, Union & Monroe Townships and Parts of Champaign County.
201 North Detroit St.
West Liberty, OH 43357
Station: 937-465-3989
Chief: Conrad Hostetler

West Liberty EMS
Responds to Liberty, Union & Monroe Townships and Parts of Champaign County.
113 East Newell St.
West Liberty, OH 43357
Station: 937-465-7170

Zanesfield Fire/EMS
Responds to Jefferson Township
2568 Sandusky St.
Zanesfield, OH 43360
Station: 937-599-3473
Chief: Luann Davis

Maplewood Fire
Responds to parts of Bloomfield Township
21421 Maplewood Road
Maplewood, OH 45340
Station: 937-492-8246