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Automatic Withdrawal of Real Estate tax Payment From Checking Account Agreement

  1. I hereby authorize Dara Wren, Logan County Treasurer, to initiate the automatic payment of my real estate taxes by debiting my bank account as indicated below. The tax will be deducted from my account on the Wednesday before the closing date.

    The Treasurer will continue to deduct your payment from your account unless we are notified otherwise. You need not request withdrawal each year. Should the Treasurer be denied funds, every attempt will be made to contact taxpayer before the due date. If the Treasurer can not contact taxpayer, penalties and interest will be assessed to any unpaid tax. Provide your bank account information by enclosing a voided check.
  2. Return completed from to:
    Dara Wren
    Logan County Treasurer

    100 S. Madriver St.
    Bellefontaine, OH 43311

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