4S/Schlumbohm Farms 2020 Conservation Farm Family

Schlumbohm Conservation Farm Family AwardTim Lyden, Logan SWCD Supervisor, presents 4S/Schlumbohm Farms with the 2020 Logan SWCD Conservation Farm Family award.  Pictured (left to right) Steve Schlumbohm, Kameron Schlumbohm, Chris Schlumbohm, Dave Strayer, Micah Schlumbohm, Tim Lyden.

Steve's parents purchased a neglected farm and homestead in 1949, the first step in establishing a family farm that would span 5 generations and still counting.  Today, the farm operation of Schlumbohm Farms and 4/S Farms is still growing and evolving, incorporating new technology, new ideas, and best management practices into the daily farm management.  In 1970, early in his farming career, Steve led the charge for the family farming operation to transition into no till.  He recognized the benefits of no till for erosion control, improved soil structure and reduction in soil compaction.  Fast forward fifty years to 2020 and you find the farming operation focusing, like a laser beam, on cover corps. 4S/Schlumbohm Farms plant 70% of their 2700 acres of cropland to cover crops.  Cover crops are an effective best management practice to promote and protect soil health and fertility.  Cover crops help control weed pressure which reduces labor, equipment and chemicals costs for weed suppression.  The reduced chemical application for weed control and the erosion control provided by cover crops has the added benefit of improved water quality.  The partners have a goal of increasing organic matter on their cropland by one tenth of one percent every year.  Cover crops have been instrumental in achieving that goal.  Cover crop residue provide Steve and his partners with some peace of mind when damaging weather events occur on harvested cropland when cropland is highly vulnerable to erosion and topsoil loss.  Steve, Chris, Micah, Dave and Kameron take the "long view" on farming, preserving and improving cropland productivity and profitability.  Building year after year, layering in their farming experiences, successes and yes, an occasional failure into the long term management of their farming operation.  Being good stewards, embracing new ideas and technology and applying best management practices is the backbone of their farm plan.  they plan to leave a successful farming legacy to their next generation of family farmers.  Congratulations to 4S/Schlumbohm Farms on their recognition as Logan SWCD's 2020 Conservation Farm Family.  We wish them continued success.