2017 SWCD Annual Reports

Logan SWCD serves the natural resource conservation needs of Logan County residents and landowners.  We enthusiastically encourage you to give us a call or stop by the office if you have a natural resource conservation need.  Our office is located at 324 Rd 11, Bellefontaine, OH and our phone number is 937-404-3143.  

Logan SWCD Supervisors:

  • Tim Lyden, Chairman
  • Eric Johnson, Vice Chairman
  • Joe Ramse;y, Fiscal Agent
  • Frank Phelps, Secretary
  • David Knight, Member at Large

Logan SWCD Staff:

  • Deb Roberts, District Administrator
  • Steve Searson, District Technician
  • Lorre Culp, Office Support,/GIS

Natural Resource Conservation Service:

  • Leisha Billenstein, District Conservationist
  • LaRae Baker, Resource Conservationist
  • Randy Smith, Soil Conservation Technician
  • Mike Retterer, Farm Bill Biologist

Indian Lake Watershed Project:

  • Vicky Boots, Executive Director

Annual Meeting and Election:

Logan SWCD holds an annual meeting each year to elect supervisors to the Board.  Supervisors serve for a three-year term and receive no compensation for their service to the District.  Each year a local Cooperator of the Year is selected and recognized for efforts and accomplishments protecting, preserving and improving natural resources.  

Logan SWCD Annual Financial Report

District Funds:

Balance as of 1/1/2016                    $107,784.88

Income                                             $  43,249.73

Expenses                                         $  39,491,79

Ending Balance 12/31/2016            $111,541.88

Funds committed to education        $  16,008.96

ODNR grant - restricted funds          $      118.40

Funds left in District Fund                $  95,414.52

Special (County) Funds:

Balance 1/1/2016                              $ 85,319.69

Income, County/State Match           $158.119.00

Expenses                                         $176,379.31

Ending Balance 12/31/2106             $ 67,059.69

2017 Conservation Programs and Technical Activities

The following conservation programs have provided funding for technical assistance and financial assistance for the implementation of conservation practices. Logan Soil and Water Conservation District (Logan SWCD) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides technical assistance.  The Farm Service Agency administers the government programs with  the exception of EQIP and CSP which is administered by NRCS.

Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) -1 easement restoration completed –34.3 acres; 4 easements accepted for funding –112.3 acres.
Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) - 10 contracts, 1,157ac. $438,323.00.
Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) - 8 contracts, 6,909 acres, $117,983.00
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) - 548 contracts, 5,148 acres, $647,800.00 to Logan County producers.

The 2017 construction season has been very busy this year!  Several waterways that were not constructed in 2016 were completed along with new waterway applications. Logan Soil and Water Conservation District worked to assist landowners putting conservation on the land by designing, surveying and laying out the waterways.

Waterways planned-20 projects; 41,323 ft. (7.8 miles)
Cost Estimate of waterways - $382,300.00 (with cost share funds from Farm Service Agency along with landowners expense).
Estimated tons of soil saved by the installation of waterways– 6,500 tons

Pond site investigations - 4
Pollution Abatement InvestigationsManure-5
Urban Site Reviews - 5

Drainage Investigations - 7

Logan SWCD 2017 Tree Sale - 2,985 seedlings, 23 wildflower packets and 17 tree shelters sold. Left over seedlings were donated to Myeerah Nature Preserve.

Pollinator Seed Sales - sold enough seed to plant 214 acres of pollinator. 

Conservation Tillage Club Meetings - Logan Soil & Water Conservation District along with Hardin Soil & Water Conservation District, Union Soil & Water Conservation District, Logan County OSU Extension, and Hardin County OSU Extension, held four conservation education meetings for landowners. The meetings were held at the Plaza Inn, Mt. Victory in January, February and March with approximately 270 landowners attending the meetings, averaging 67 per meeting. A free
breakfast was served at each meeting, with several organizations and business sponsoring the breakfasts. Topics at the breakfast meetings were “Grain Marketing Outlook”, “Soil Health”,
“Precision Ag & the 4 R’s”, “New Weed Control Options”.

Envirothon - 12 Logan County high school teams participated in the Area 4 Envirothon held at Fernald Preserve in Hamilton County. Bellefontaine #2 Envirothon team finished 6th at the Area IV Envirothon and qualified to compete at the Ohio  Envirothon June 12-13 at the Ohio Christian Academy in Circleville. All 5 participants had recently graduated from Bellefontaine High School but took the time to compete anyway. The participation of the Logan County teams would not be possible without the financial support of Pheasants Forever Logan County Chapter #285. Logan SWCD contracts with Bill Fulton who does a fabulous job organizing the high school teams and
coordinates a training day for the students.

Water Quality Testing - Logan SWCD and NRCS are blessed to have a fantastic Earth Team Volunteer, George Feltham. George and his team have conducted water quality testing for the past 6 - 7years at various creeks and streams in Logan County with landowner permission and have developed impressive water quality data.

Top of Ohio Drive It Yourself Tour -  The tour is September 17th, 1-5 PM. Stops include: Ack-Lee Farms, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center featuring the Animal Science, Outdoor Education and Culinary programs, Myeerah Nature Preserve, Marmon Valley Farms, Darling Tunis - Louise Dunham. The school day is September 15th.  We expect approximately 950 1st & 4th grade Logan County students to attend.

Cover Crop Meetings - A cover crop evening meeting was held at Southview Park and a Soils Health breakfast was held at Liberty Gathering Place.

Pasture Walk - David & Gina Tighe and Ron Smith were hosts of two separate Pasture Walks.

Soils Judging - USDA/NRCS and a Logan SWCD Supervisor provided a soils judging for Logan County FFA students.

Girl Scout Day Camp– Provided soils and water quality education and activities to Girls Scouts held at Myeerah Nature Preserve.