Willard O'Brien Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt, 2016

Logan County Pheasants Forever Chapter #0285 and ODNR Division of Wildlife and the Logan County Fish and Game proudly present the Willard O'Brien Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt, Saturday, October 29, 2016, at the Logan County Fish and Game

Pleasants Forever is a non-profit conservation organization, dedicated to the preservation and restoration of wildlife and habitat.  PF believes that the pheasant, and all wildlife, can be appreciated and admired by hunters and non-hunters alike.

PF does strongly endorse the idea and practice that those who choose to hunt should do so in a safe, legal, moral and ethical manner.  And, always making an effort to conserve and maintain our natural resources.  The ethical hunter is a conservationist, and can actually improve the conditions for those who follow.  The unethical hunter can destroy not only the image of outdoorsmen but also, the environment.  Thereby, they can deprive future generations of hunters and non-hunters the beauties of nature that we can experience today.

Education is necessary to develop the ethical hunter and outdoorsman.  Although nothing can replace good common sense, much of the knowledge, technique, and etiquette of hunting is not intuitive. Only through guidance and experience can the proper lessons be learned.  Recognizing the need to provide young hunters with the appropriate hunting educational opportunities, the Logan County Pheasants Forever Chapter is presenting the 2016 Youth Pheasant Hunt on Saturday, October 29, 2016.

The Youth Pheasant Hunt, which will be conducted in a morning hunting session, will expose the young hunter to all elements of an upland bird hunt.  The participants will meet at a central meeting place.  The first thing is to check in at the registration table, get your time and information on your hunting site.  There will be a short meeting to discuss hunting safety and ethics.  Then, participants will caravan to the hunting sites.

The hunting parties will be composed of not less that 2 participants and no more that 3.  After arriving at the hunting site, and receiving specific instructions from the guide, the hunt begins.  Each party will be led by a guide with trained bird dogs.  The hunt will last one to two hours, and we try to give each participant a fair chance to get a pheasant.  After the hunt is completed, the hunting party will return to the central location.  At this point, the participants will receive instructions on how to clean a bird.  Participants will be given opportunity to clean their bird with adult guidance.

Lunch will be provided to both the hunters and their guardians.  Over the lunch period, the participants will be introduced to Pheasants Forever at the National and Local levels.  Door prizes will be drawn and volunteers and landowners will be recognized.

Youth Pheasant hunt participants must be age 17 or younger; have a valid 2016-17 Ohio Youth Hunting License or Apprentice License and must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult.  To obtain an Ohio Youth Hunting LIcense, one must attend and pass a hunter Education Course.  For course information, please contact ODNR, Division of Wildlife at 1-800-282-3557.    Ideally, the participant will be accompanied by a parent, relative, or close friend who is a licensed and experienced hunter.  If such an adult is not available, the young hunter will be paired with a mentor who is a PF member and an experienced hunter.  The mentor will meet with the participant at least once before the hunt for some training.

If you meet the aforementioned requirements and want to participate, please completed the Youth Pheasant Hunt Application and the Pheasant Hunt Waiver.  Submit the completed forms to Deb Roberts, 4224 C Rd 5, Rushsylvania, OH 43347, or droberts43347@embarqmail.com.  Space is limited,  First time hunters are give priority.  If you would like to mentor, guide, take picture, help serve food or volunteer your time in any way, please contact Deb Roberts at droberts43347@embarqmail.com
 2016 Willard O'Brien Memorial Youth Pheasant Hunt
 2016 Youth Hunt Application Form
 2016 Pheasant Hunt Waiver